About IC-SEA

Indo-Canadian Socio-Economic Association is a not-for-profit organization that promotes social and cultural interactions between Canada and India. It is also working towards strengthening trade and business relationships between India and Canada.

We support business and trade development internally for Indo-Canadians and internationally between India and Canada to support the economic and professional well-being of Indo-Canadians and leverage economic opportunities in the Indian and Canadian economies. Our activities include hosting dinners, receptions, and networking events for Indo-Canadian professionals and business delegations from India.

We also promote Indian cultural values among our members and the larger Canadian community, which include Indian philosophy and related festivals & events, spiritual discourses, history, Indian folklore, drama, dance, art, and sports. We conduct Yoga programs to raise awareness about traditional aspects of Yoga, facilitate integration of Indo-Canadians into the larger Canadian community, as well as for their general development.

Our mission

The Indo-Canadian Socio-Economic Association is a non-for-profit association aiming to harness the potential of Indian-Canadian relations in the areas of trade, business, and culture. Through hosting and promoting economic, social, and cultural events, we provide a platform for Indian business and culture in Canada and promote the international flow of ideas and commerce between the two countries.

We sponsor and host programs to:

  • Promote business and trade between India and Canada through business dinners, receptions, and hosting business delegations.
  • Enhance the cultural values of Indo-Canadian community.
  • Showcase the philosophy of traditional Yoga & healthy living.
  • Celebrate International Yoga Day by sponsoring and celebrating the International Yoga Festival.